Welcome to our friendly faith family.

We are men, women, and children of God.  For over 300 years, we have come together in worship to celebrate God’s love through His Son Jesus. We come together in prayer for the healing power of the Holy Spirit and in thanksgiving.

We come together as a family, one who deeply cares for each other.  We work for the needs of others. We work and play side by side as we share fun and fellowship. We warmly welcome all visitors and prospective members of our Christian family.  We hold close the Lord’s commandment to love and treat everyone with dignity and respect.


The Mission of Christ Church, Milford is to equip its people through prayer, worship, study and discipleship that they may spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the community and beyond not only in WORD but especially by DEEDS done in the name of Jesus Christ.

Service times

Rite I service (no music, formal language)  at 7:30 a.m.

Rite II service (hymns, more contemporary language) at 10 a.m.

Summer service at 9 a.m.